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Titan GT 1 0W-20

Titan GT 1 0W-20

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Titan GT 1 0W-20

600129484, 14484582

Top-class, zinc-free premium racing motor oil for sports and racing vehicles with petrol and diesel engines. Specially developed for sports driving styles and racing professionals. Extreme fuel economy. Excellent cold firing properties. Highest performance even under extreme conditions. Ideal for racing.

Engine technology has never been as sophisticated and demanding as it is today: variable, or 4 or 5 valve technology, fuel direct injection, turbo charging, an always expensive exhaust treatment system, and extended service intervals give the driver an ever-increasing performance potential.

So that engines reach their maximum potential and sustain it, we've developed the ultimate motor oil for our most demanding customers: TITAN GT1 is the world's only SAE 0W-20 motor oil with zinc-free additive technology.

As DaimlerChrysler's top supplier, we place our bets on additive technology: extremely high-performance base oils and a cutting edge zinc-free additive technology ensure maximum engine performance and perfect engine hygiene even under the most difficult conditions.

But extraordinary performance is not all there is to this premium synthetic motor oil: the unique properties of the fully synthetic base oil ensures maximum reliability and lubrication stability even at high temperatures and rpm. It's not a coincidence that the PORSCHE CARRERA cup drivers trust TITAN GT1 exclusively – and this is just one example.

TITAN GT1, with its zinc-free ultra low-viscosity 0W-20 formula, stands for a significant reduction of the fuel and oil consumption, as well as extended service intervals. Because anyone who has ever had to prematurely change a catalytic converter or a particulate filter knows what a role a zinc-free lubricant plays for extending the service life of a filter. Don't just buy any motor oil if you wish for performance, treat yourself and your engine to this premium-synthetic oil with the ultimate performance formula. Adrenaline for your engine!

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Gebrauchsnummern 14484582
Field of operation Bil
Viscosity 0W-20
Characteristics Forlenget serviceintervall
Low-viscosity olje
Series Titan GT1
EAN/GTIN 4001541227587

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