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14814802, 51505
Mineral based multigrade engine oils for engines from 1960 onwards, with an oil filter used throughout the year. It is the link between mild alloy single-grade and high-additive motor oils found in modern lubricants, displaying wear protection under excellent oil pressure.

Owning a classic car is one of the best hobbies. Through clubs, journals, manufacturers and workshops, the parts supply is usually not a problem. But how is it with the appropriate lubricants?

So that the journey stay the joy of this hobby, Castrol offers their CLASSIC OIL program. It combines the unique needs of classic engines with the significantly improved anti-wear properties of advanced lubricant technology.

Naturally older engines are not comparable with the concepts and load limits of their modern descendants. These oils are customized for them with a functionally reliable importance.

Such as mechanical parts, lubricants are also vital design elements. In this sense, Castrol CLASSIC MOTOR OILS are tailored to the needs of former aggregates and the white metals, nonferrous metal alloys and sealing elements once used in them.

With a big difference to the former oil: Your performance range is far superior in every way.

Gebrauchsnummern 14814802
Field of operation Oldtimer
Viscosity 20W-50
Characteristics Mineral
EAN/GTIN 4008177361227

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